Recipes using Sauce Goddess products that we think you’ll like.

Moroccan twist chicken and veggies on a pita

Moroccan Chicken Kebabs

Easy and delicious! Try this amazing recipe from Steven Raichlen, Barbecue Bible author, created using our Moroccan Twist seasoning. Chef Recipe We are always happy when chefs and cookbook authors want to write recipes with our spices and sauces. This means a lot to have their endorsement as chefs. Steven Raichlen is best known for his cookbook,

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bowl of soup

Welcome Fall with Cozy Soups and Good Vibes!

Hey, Fall lovers! It’s that time of the year again when the leaves are switching up their colors, and the world gets a little more cozy and colorful. Fall is not just about those mesmerizing hues of red and gold, it’s also about relishing the warm and comforting vibes of hearty soups and sharing those

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Modern Day TV Dinner with chicken, noodles and veggies

TV Dinner

Retro Meets Righteous: The ’70s TV Dinner Gets an Upgrade! Hey there, nostalgia buffs! Who remembers the iconic ’70s TV dinner? That little aluminum tray filled with turkey slices, mashed potatoes, and maybe even that small brownie corner? Ah, the days of the Brady Bunch and dinner on the couch. We loved the convenience, but

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