Frequently asked questions-

Why the name Sauce Goddess? Jennifer, the owner, was in the printing industry for a number of years and had a nickname of Litho Goddess. After switching from one predominately male industry (printing) to another (BBQ sauce), she decided to continue to express the Goddess within.

Why is it important that your sauces are smoke-free? Jennifer’s Dad (the originator of the sauce) didn’t like liquid smoke. The entire family can’t stand smoky BBQ sauce. The other issue is really with what liquid smoke is and isn’t. It isn’t real. It’s a flavoring. We don’t use any flavoring in anything we make. Besides how is it possible that smoke can be liquid? Really think on that.

Why is the cost of shipping so high? Well first we’re not a giant like Amazon. We have negotiated some good shipping rates and we do pass those along. There are 3 factors to our shipping cost. Packing materials-We do like to pack carefully and make sure everything arrives to you in good shape and we pay people to pack for us. Carrier Choice– there are some items that must ship UPS (jugs and large combination orders), other wise our USPS Priority mail is actually the most cost effective. Delivery Address– with carriers like UPS and FedEx there are always additional charges for home delivery, rural delivery and extended rural delivery (in the boonies). Those vary from $3-8.75 per package. So if you have the choice of shipping to a business address, that will save you money.

What is Vegan friendly? It means vegan. No eggs, no dairy, no animal ingredients of any kind. We’ve been saying vegan friendly since we first started our company back in 2000. At that time, there were a lot of sauces using Worcestershire sauce (anchovies). We wanted to include people who didn’t eat meat at our table.

Why the company motto “if you don’t lick your fingers, someone else will”? Gosh it’s super funny. Plus, if you’re making finger food with sauce on it, you’ve got sauce on your hands, don’t waste it.

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