At Sauce Goddess we firmly believe in using the best ingredients, with no fillers, in everything we make. No junk.

We are making real food, using real food ingredients.

First, we use NO flavorings at all in our sauces. If we want a particular flavor in a sauce it is the real ingredient. We don’t dilute them with extra water or add thickeners, not even xanthan gum. This means our products taste more intense and you actually use less to get amazing flavor.

Our spice rubs are created using all natural ingredients, which means we don’t add anti-caking agents. Commonly silicon dioxide is used for anti-caking which is sand! Who wants to eat that? This means our rubs might clump a little if you are in a humid environment. Loosen up the spices with your hands if you need to before adding to your recipe.

Potential allergens are listed with each product and clearly on each label picture.

In a nutshell, you won’t find any MSG, GMO ingredients , or gluten containing ingredients in anything we make.

Our sauces, spices, dip mixes and pepper relish are certified gluten free, which means they have tested below 5 ppm.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.