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Epic Flavor

It's Time for a culinary adventure

Transform your meals from dull to dazzling!

Create life-altering meals with our irresistibly unique obscenely delicious variety of gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO gourmet sauces and spices.

Our grilling sauces, perfect for a summer grill party, are designed to lavish on proteins – think grilled chicken, ribs, tofu, and even portobello mushrooms. They’re also versatile enough to mix with side dishes, adding a twist to your traditional grilled veggies.

Step up your seasoning game with our signature blends. Just a sprinkle and you instantly elevate the flavors of your grilled meats, fish, vegetables, and even your favorite crunchy snacks. They’re an essential in every food-lover’s pantry. 

We’ve got something for everyone whether you like it hot or you were born to be mild.

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight?

We’ve got delicious recipes for your next family dinner,

and appetizer recipes for a party and even some new dessert recipes for you to try.

Come on, let's get creative in the kitchen and cook something amazing!

Smokin’ the competition since 2003

Our competition track record speaks for itself. 25 awards and counting. Yes, we are bragging.

Thanks to our wide variety of tempting sauces and seasonings,  you can experience the taste of victory however you’d like.

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Go behind the scenes with the Sauce Goddess. 

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