Here at Sauce Goddess, our team gets to meet so many great people and companies. We try delicious products made by others. We meet bloggers that review our products, helping more people learn about Sauce Goddess and our story. When we present at festivals and competitions, we interact with people who love food-making as much as we do. And in turn, our common interests spark new partnerships. We have a product placement company we work with that gets our products seen by thousands of viewers. Our products have been featured in the background of major TV shows and movies. All of these actions with partners help communicate the love for Sauce Goddess far and wide.

We are a devoted community member who partners with local and national organizations helping challenged adults with disabilities perform jobs that are specific to their special skill set. We really love giving back in that way.

Every year we choose a charity or cause and donate a portion of our profits. For 2021 and 2022, we have chosen Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

Sauce Goddess maintains certifications to reflect our drive to prepare products using real food ingredients and that we are a woman-owned company.

Business Partners

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Giving Back

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Online Retailers

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