Ginger Salmon Salad

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Healthy choices for lunch

Soup or Salad, or as I used to say Super Salad! Thats’ the usual choices for a healthy lunch. Sometimes they aren’t too healthy after they get smothered in wonderful caesar or blue cheese dressing or served with a side of garlic bread for dipping.

Kick the tuna salad to the curb. This healthy salad is a perfect for a brunch, for tea sandwiches and just piled on top of a bowl of lettuce with other salad toppings. Here’s why you should try this recipe for salmon salad.

  • Lighter dressing
  • Crunchy pickled onions
  • Perfectly cooked salmon
  • Bright ginger and cilantro flavors

We know you are going to love this recipe. Try it for your next brunch, lunch or even dinner. When it’s hot outside, this chilled salad is the perfect way to dine and keep it light.

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