Hosting Brunch

How to host an amazing brunch

The key to hosting an amazing brunch is no trick. You need a few key ingredients and I’m not talking just food.

  1. The guest list. Seriously invite fun friends.
  2. The theme. Do you want a theme or not? Themes can be fun.
  3. The venue. Is the location actually part of a theme or is it a portion of your home you can decorate?
  4. The decorations.
  5. The food. Brunch can be heavy or light. It can be a full meals or light snacks that are more delicate than you would serve in the evening.

A decorated brunch table with a 3 tiered platter of small bites to solve how to host a brunch.

The guest list

Who are you including? If it’s Mother’s Day are you inviting all the Moms you know and their kids or are you simply celebrating Moms (and people who act like a Mom).

Do they know each other? If not, plan an activity so everyone can get to know each other. Are there any people you need to bring together or keep apart? Just think ahead if that may be the case.

The Brunch Theme

This is your reason for having a brunch. What do you want to celebrate? Do you even want to have a theme?

If it’s Easter brunch are you leaning in on Easter Bunny or Resurrection? Yes I know that distinction is weird but it depends on the crowd. If it’s just an ordinary Sunday brunch that you want to make magical, here are some ideas: Roaring 20’s, Victorian, Sports (pick your fave), By the Seashore, Fabulous 50’s, Guilded Brunch (all gold), Fall Equinox, or Mediterranean.

The Brunch Venue

The venue or location of your brunch is closely related to the theme. If are going all out for a Fabulous 50’s theme you may want a diner-type atmosphere. By the Seashore, well add water to the location.

Think about how you are getting the food to the location if it’s not at your home.

The decorations for a brunch

Decorations are completely tied to your theme and location. They do, however, have commonalities. Elevated platters are nice because they overlap the platters below them and allow more dishes to be on the same table. Tiered platters are nice for the same reason.

How are you setting the table? Tablecloth occasion or picnic table. Are you serving buffet or plated? Personally, I like a good buffet. It means less work for me and everyone gets what they want and only what they want.

At a recent brunch I catered, the host used floral decorations in pick to celebrate a Mother’s Day Victorian theme. It was beautiful.

The Brunch Food

Ok here is a list of our favorites. The picture shows a combination small bites. Ginger salmon salad in a tea sandwich, mushroom pate on toast, and mini quiches which you be made with our egg bite recipe.

All the other decisions you make above affect the food. If it’s buffet and you are serving a full meal, you’ll need to have meat sliced ahead and sauces in pitchers. If it’s small bites, you may want toothpicks. If it’s diner theme brunch then maybe pancakes and loads of bacon are in the mix with pies and cakes.

The food is also different if you are hosting a potluck brunch. If you are doing a theme, tell your guests what type of thing to bring. You don’t need to tell them exactly what to bring but say a veggie side dish that would be served in the 20’s or a dessert that was popular in Victorian times, or your favorite thing your Mom made for you.

Food is the reason for the event but it’s a side player to the way you want to host your brunch. Make it flavorful and fun for you and your guests.


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