Moroccan Chicken Kebabs

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Easy and delicious! Try this amazing recipe from Steven Raichlen, Barbecue Bible author, created using our Moroccan Twist seasoning.

Chef Recipe

We are always happy when chefs and cookbook authors want to write recipes with our spices and sauces. This means a lot to have their endorsement as chefs. Steven Raichlen is best known for his cookbook, The Barbecue Bible. It’s an encyclopedia of BBQ recipes.

Meat over an open fire

Moroccan Kebabs feature chicken breasts for their quick cook time. You can also use thighs or tenders if you prefer. Steven also used peppers, zucchini and red onion to give the dish color and tons of fresh flavor. They are served with a squeeze of lemon on pita with a Moroccan sauce.

Sauce it

In Argentina they call a sauce for meat Chimichuri. In Morocco it’s Charmoula. At it’s most basic, it’s herbs, oil, garlic, spices and preserved lemons. It’s a great addition to the meat and the pita.

Let’s Eat!

Once the chicken and veggies finished cooking, warm the pitas on the grill. To put it all together, spread the chermoula on the warm pita bread, then add the chicken and some grilled veggies and give it a squeeze with the warm grilled lemon!

It’s no ordinary chicken dinner. It will completely give you something fantastic when someone asks “what’s for dinner?”

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