Turkey Moist Maker Melt

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Are you wondering what to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers this year?

Everyone loves a good grilled cheese. Gooey and rich. Creating new recipes with thanksgiving leftovers is totally fun for us. The in the past, soup (done that), casserole (done that too), and leftover Thanksgiving meal (totally done that).

So this year’s recipe is a riff on an episode from Friends years ago. Anyone who was a fan of Friends back then remembers the sandwich Monica made for Ross. The Moist Maker sandwich. Complete with a gooey piece of gravy-soaked bread in the middle. Here’s an affiliate link to check out the book with all the recipes from Friends for yourself.

Anyway back to our version. We added cheese and didn’t soak the middle slice of bread in gravy. There is no middle slice of bread. Instead, we’re pouring an amazing turkey gravy over the dressing. Still super moist.

Our cranberry sauce is super tart so it’s perfect with the mustard. Check it out. Make a moist maker for yourself this year!

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