Gourmet Burger Bar

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What do we mean by Hamburger Bar?

Everyone loves a great burger. We like to do it up in a burger bar style. So it’s like a buffet with all kinds of fancy and not-so-fancy toppings for your burger. In the fancy category, we put truffles (sorry we’re all out for now) and super obscene blue cheese. In the not-so-fancy space, we have cheddar and pepper jack and lettuce and tomatoes.

What’s the best way to build a burger bar?

Well the first question you have to answer is who are you feeding? Is it your rugby friends or the women you know wear a size 4? Totally different menu. Are there food allergies? If so, then buns could be optional and not touch the grill. What about meat, are you going traditional and grilling ground chuck (my personal fave) or are you going veggie patties or turkey, or ooooh Kobe burgers (fancy)?

We prefer traditional ground chuck, yes it’s fattier but half that ends up in the grill. We prefer cheddar and pepper jack. We like pickles (homemade sometimes). Something new we’ve been making is pickled onions, those are amazing on the burger.

We like to grill our burgers, but you can cook them stovetop if you like. A cast iron skillet works great for that. You’ll get a very nice char on the surface of the meat, just like grilling.

We hope you like this idea for a different experience for the same old burgers. By setting up a burger bar your guests get to build whatever they want, fancy or not.

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