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Chicken Cordon Bleu by It’s a Fiery World

Ken Alexander of It’s a Fiery World fame, is a self-professed Chilehead and all-around lover of hot and spicy food. Not only does he try new hot stuff so we don’t have to, but enjoys finding new ways of spicing up traditional dishes.

He recently discovered the Sauce Goddess Scorpion Pepper and Onion Pepper Relish and raised the heat on chicken cordon bleu. Be sure to follow him on Facebook for more upcoming Sauce Goddess recipes.

I met Jennifer Reynolds, aka “The Sauce Goddess” 4 years ago at the New Orleans Chile Pepper Extravaganza. I was instantly intrigued at her unusual spice blends and how she used them in popcorn and in sauces. Her Moroccan Blend, Latin Blend, and BBQ Sweet rubs all were used in her caramel popcorn – and were all delicious – and as unique as any products I had seen or reviewed to date. So when she asked me to play with her three relishes – The Roasted Scorpion and Onion, Roasted Habanero and Onion, and Roasted Jalapeno and Onion, I was excited to explore some recipe ideas. This video highlights a poor man’s chicken cordon bleu we made using the Scorpion relish. The Habanero and Jalapeno relishes will be highlighted in a written blog post very soon. First impressions – an element of sweet, but not overpowering, with a nice balance of sweet and savory. The onion is very prevalent, but after all, this is a roasted scorpion and onion relish. And speaking of the term relish- I would almost consider this more of a jam than a relish. It is smoother than a typical, salsaesque relish, which I think adds to it’s potential uses in lots of different products. And the Scorpion pepper puts out some heat, but not a smack you in the face heat. It’s more of a good, medium heat, which opens up this relish to a much larger audience. Very smart on Sauce Goddess’ part. None of the three relishes are super hot, in my opinion. And my wife, Robbie, aka “Mrs Fiery World”, who serves as my "average person" heat barometer, can handle the Scorpion relish without issue (since I have a tendency to under appreciate the heat in products –yes, I’m very proud of that!). As you’ll see in the video, the chicken cordon bleu was super easy to make. And using a single slice of bacon and a dusting of panko crumbs and low fat mozzarella cheese cut the calories way back, for those who are health conscious like we are. The results? The relish handled all the flavor needs of the chicken. It penetrated the chicken, gave it a really nice, even flavor with the savory, spicy, and subtle sweet layers working well together. The video will give you the cooking basics, so I won’t repeat myself here. I will reinforce that it took longer to bake than I originally thought, so think close to an hour cooking time to make sure your chicken hits the 165 degree internal temp. Final impressions – this is a very versatile, flavor rich relish (jam) with lots and lots of uses. Stay tuned for the habanero relish stuffed pork tenderloin (another super easy one), and the jalapeno relish twice baked stuffed tuna potatoes! You can find the Sauce Goddess on the interwebs at a lot of places, starting with her website,, where you can select from these fine relishes, caramel corn, spice rubs, beef jerky, etc. Some other ways to communicate go get you some, fire up your regular fare, and tell ‘em that It’s a Fiery World sent you! #saucegoddess #itsafieryworld

Posted by It's a Fiery World on Monday, October 30, 2017

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Great Pulled Pork for Game Day

The Sauce Goddess has perfected the oven prepared pulled pork and wants to share it with fellow foodies. It’s a simple and easy way to prepare pork any time of year because the oven does most of the work. You can find details in our Recipe section or in the latest newsletter.


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Summer Grilling Tips for Flashback Friday

We love outdoor and grilling gadgets as much as the next person, so we wanted to re-share some great ideas from Channel 8 San Diego. They did a segment for Fourth of July, but there is still plenty of grilling time left this year (don’t forget tailgating). Of course, Sauce Goddess is on the grilling table that Ashley put together and she points out our sauces and rubs are gluten free without losing any great flavor!


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Living the Good Life with Sauce Goddess

The Sauce Goddess, Jennifer Reynolds, talked with Guy Bower from KNSS 1330 in Wichita, Kansas about grilling/cooking, how the caramel corn came to be, the Show Off Your Meat video contest and starting a BBQ sauce company. Take a listen to this fun interview on their website.


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Eat Like a Healthy Coloradan

Denver, Colorado is known for it’s healthy lifestyle, so when KWGN – Denver featured Sauce Goddess in their Memorial Day segment we were ecstatic! The hostess pointed out how Sauce Goddess sauces and spices fit into a healthy diet:

  • No GMO’s
  • Keeping out caking agents such as silicon dioxide (sand!)
  • No MSG
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial flavoring

Our products are available in time for Memorial Day at many retail locations or online if you want to stock up for the summer grilling season.


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Backyard Barbecuing

The sun is shining which means it’s prime grillin’ time outdoors with family and friends! It also means tubs of ketchup, mayo, mustard and artificially flavored BBQ sauces go flying off the shelves. Stop the numbing of our collective taste buds! Don’t cook naked meat then try to cover it up with condiments. Instead, jazz things up with healthy and additive free spices and sauces. Stand up to the cover up!

Sauce Goddess uses nothing but the best ingredients. Providing a flavorful and unique line of sauces and rubs made with natural ingredients is what makes these products the choice of discerning grill masters and chefs around the country. Carefully selecting and preparing the food for sacrifice to the fire gods is as important as perfecting the cooking process, so using the right spices and flavors to showcase one’s art is imperative. Sauce Goddess products don’t overpower what you’re eating with extra water, added thickeners or artificial ingredients, but instead compliment the flavors. With lineups of spices and sauces that range from “let’s spice up the breakfast eggs” to “get the milk for this wing sauce” Sauce Goddess has the perfect flavor for any palate.

“My family loves the Sweet & Spicy Glaze on our turkey burgers. The kids say it’s way better than ketchup.”

Vera H., purchased Sweet & Spicy Grill Glaze

“That Sweet Heat rub is so awesome. I use it mostly for peel & eat shrimp and recently did a test for beer can chicken. I used Emeril’s Rustic Rub on one half and Sweet Heat on the other. You win hands down. There is NO comparison!!!!”

Kathy J., purchased BBQ Sweet Heat Spice Rub

Sauce Goddess spice rubs are created using all natural ingredients, which means:

  • No artificial flavoring in our sauces.
  • No added anti-caking agents in our spices.
  • No silicon dioxide (which is sand and who wants to eat that) used for anti-caking.
  • No MSG or GMO ingredients.
  • Gluten FREE certified by the Celiac Sprue Association.
  • Potential allergens are clearly listed on each product label.
  • No artificial smoke as found in many popular BBQ sauces.

Most people don’t even think to look for unwanted additives when buying sauces and spices. The only thing food lovers need to worry about when using Sauce Goddess is how much of each flavor to buy!


About the Company:

Sauce Goddess is a small female owned company that turned a passion for cooking into a successful business. Started from a single family recipe it has grown into a full line of flavorful sauces, spices and snacks available across the country in large retailers, specialty stores, meat counters, and more! Sauce Goddess maintains a high level of quality by using the best natural ingredients and a passion for creating good food.

For more information and how to order, visit or contact Sammi at

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The Ides and Irish Are Here!

The month of March brings basketball, Ides of March celebrations, Irish shenanigans and daylight savings time. No matter what your excuse is to celebrate, we have a couple of tasty beef recipes to try at home. Easy and flavorful corned beef and pastrami.

We’re also giving away a Show Off Your Meat t-shirt to a lucky winner who posts their favorite thing in March followed by #showoffyourmeat on our Facebook page. Find out more in our March newsletter. Best o’ luck to ya!


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