Love your food.

Love your food. Love what you eat.

Hi my name is Jennifer and I love food, and I love to cook.

My obsession with food started young. I just loved to cook as a child. Cracking that egg, helping Mom make cookies. Not just because I wanted to eat the cookies, but sure that was part of it.

I still love the process today. Getting out the ingredients. Making sure I have everything I need before I start… wait who am I talking about…. I only cook that way half the time. Some of the time, I have a spoon in one hand and a spice shaker in the other, all the while my eye is on the fresh herbs in pot at the end of the counter.

(semi) Pro tip: If you want to have fun in the kitchen and love your food, get those ingredients together. Have everything ready to go. Seriously, it makes the cooking experience easier and less frustrating. A lot of people actually don’t enjoy cooking.

I think it’s not fun for some because they haven’t learned to make it fun. So make it fun. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect. You made it, it’s cooked with love. It will be ok, really.

As a cook that loves food, I do think experimenting and expanding our own sense of smell and taste is important. Smell food, taste food, and try out new flavors. The old saying that if it grows together it goes together is right most of the time. I said most, not all of the time. So smell, taste and try. And most of all LOVE the food you eat.

Please reach out to us if you have ideas to share. Tell us how you love your food.

If you want to watch me having fun in the kitchen, check out our youtube page.

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