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This Chorizo sausage recipe is a master recipe of sorts. You can use this recipe, this idea to create a variety of your own sausages. How do you make chorizo sausage healthy? To make the healthiest version of chorizo sausage, we’re using our Latin Heat seasoning and ground turkey. Drop the mic, yes we’re only using 2 ingredients.

This is easy to make sausage from scratch. And if you love Mexican chorizo and want half the fat, then this is for you.

1 pound of ground turkey.

ground turkey

Add Latin Heat spices.

add latin heat to turkey












Mix together and divide into 2 portions as desired. Place in a container or bag and refrigerate overnight or for at least 6 hours. The spices and herbs hydrate and transform the meat from turkey with spices into sausage.

chorizo sausage in a bowl

If you’re using this recipe to make burgers or tacos, you can use it all. When I use it to make queso, I use only half the meat because the cheese is so rich. It’s not fancy, just super delicious.



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