Crab Eggs Benedict

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The most decadent breakfast for me is Eggs Benedict. I am in love with hollandaise sauce. All the lemon and butter flavor is perfect with the runny egg yolk. In this recipe for Crab Eggs Benedict, we are adding jumbo lump crab dressed in a stick of butter and Sweet Heat seasoning. It’s ridiculously great.

But wait let me flash back to some details. We’re using a brioche bun, toasted of course. we’re also not using a true poached egg. It’s a pan-poached egg. It’s an easy way to have a soft edge with a runny yolk and no hard pan-fried edges on the white portion of the egg. It’s as close to poached as you can get. And it’s way easier.



This recipe combined with our bright tangy side salad is the perfect brunch menu.


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