Chicken Sheet Pan Meal

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What to make for Dinner Tonight?

If you’re wondering what to make for dinner tonight, do we have a great recipe idea for you. That’s right a chicken sheet pan meal.

Why use a sheet pan?

Sheet pans meals are kind of a thing now. I’ve been using sheet pans to roast veggies for decades now. Roasting vegetables is the easiest way to cook them and have them still retain flavor and some texture. I haven’t microwaved or steamed broccoli since I started roasting it with Super Chunk Steakhouse seasoning. There is some sort of magic with veggies and spices in a hot oven. I can use Moroccan Twist on butternut squash or Latin Heat on zucchini, it’s all delicious.

Anyway back to the sheet pan meal. The trend that is taking over. Well deserved too, because it’s so easy and doesn’t waste time.

How to begin

We start by selecting foods that are going to cook at pretty much the same rate. We can do that by choosing lean meat that cooks quickly and veggies we can cut into sizes that match the cooking time. With this recipe that means we roll the chicken thighs into “tubes” with lemon and thyme inside. We cut the brussels sprouts into quarters and cut the potatoes as well.

So the entire meal doesn’t taste like one particular spice, I like to select a couple of spice flavor profiles that will go together.

  • Brussel Sprouts with Moroccan Twist spices. It’s just a delicious spice for a veggie that is on the bitter side.
  • Potatoes and our Big Tom’s Roasting Rub is a Rosemary marriage in food heaven.
  • Chicken and lemon had to have the Super Chunk Steakhouse seasoning.

So enjoy the recipe and let us know what you think.

Here’s a link to our youtube video making this very recipe.

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