Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs

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Why wrap meat in bacon? Seriously are you kidding? Wrapping meat, fish or veggies in bacon ads fat and flavor. With certain shellfsih that cooks quickly you may want the slightly cook the bacon first.

We don’t have to worry about cooking the bacon a bit first when it comes to hot dogs. In this recipe we’re not only wrapping the dogs in bacon, we’re stuffing them with cheese. We used cheddar cheese to be specific because it takes a bit longer for it to melt than some other cheeses. And if you freeze the cheese and use it immediately and cook immediately then the gooey melty doesn’t happen until the very end of cooking.

Our dogs are medium-sized. If you want to use big one-pounder hot dogs, then you’ll probably need 2 slices of bacon and an extra toothpick for the area where the two slices meet (or meat) in the middle of the dog.

I like to grill a bit then add sauce, to warm and lightly caramelize. It is difficult to get it completely caramelized without losing some cheese, so it’s a tradeoff and cheese usually wins with us.

Make this recipe the next time you tailgate or want something different for any grill out.

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