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Ever been at a summer BBQ, fork in hand, about to dive into a creamy, tangy bowl of potato salad, and wondered, “Where did this yumminess come from?” Well, wonder no more!

Potato Salad History

Potato salad has a richer history than most realize. Starting off in Europe (thanks to the Spanish introducing the potato from the New World), early versions were quite simple. Imagine boiled potatoes mixed with wine or vinegar – quite a leap from today’s mayo-laden goodness, right?

But as the potato journeyed through Germany, things started to get interesting. The Germans introduced a warm salad, marrying potatoes with bacon, onions, and vinegar. Called “Kartoffelsalat,” it’s still a beloved dish in Germany today. By the time potato salad crossed the ocean to the US, it began embracing mayo, mustard, and a bunch of other tasty mix-ins.

Versatility of the Potato

So why’s potato salad so popular at picnics and BBQs? Well, not only is it delish, but it’s also versatile! There are endless variations – think Southern-style with a mustard kick, or a refreshing Greek version with olives and feta. No wonder this dish has wooed generations worldwide.

This creamy potato salad is perfect for your picnic. We’ve roasted our potatoes and added fresh crunchy veggies and herbs. The fresh dill adds a great flavor.

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