A Strong New Year

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Let’s all start the year strong!

This time of year it seems everyone has resolutions. Some quit smoking, try a dry January, or some other good thing for themselves to hit the reset button. Whatever your personal resolution or goal, we are going to encourage you through food, of course. Since we need encouragement too, it will help us hit our reset button as well.

I like to begin each new year by reviewing the past year and celebrating victories large and small. I also like to think about how those victories happened – who and what I am grateful for. Because I am certainly not doing life alone.

I’m going to get personal with you all now. This coming year, I have a personal milestone in the works. I’m not divulging any secrets, but I have got to get a few things done first.

First, I must get myself in shape. I’ve let more than a few pounds slip on over the past 10 years or so. I’m not feeling so amazing about that. So you’ll see more health-focused posts and recipes this entire year. I’m not going crazy but healthy food can be so very delicious if it’s prepared properly. I’m going to give you some ideas on how to do that, and what spices and sauces can help you on your journey. In the process, I’ll cook healthier meals for myself because I do eat the food you see in the recipe photos after it’s had its day in the limelight.

Here’s my personal plan, you can use this as “inspiration” or create your own plan.


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Move More and Be Outside

I love being outside when I exercise. I love spending time in nature; hiking a trail in the woods or walking by the ocean, it all fills my buckets. Working out releases endorphins and sunshine and nature walks release serotonin.

Then of course a good hike needs a snack and that allows me to cook something. Check and double-check in the happiness department.


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Socialize with friends and care for others

I know it may not seem like a health thing, but for me it’s essential. And for me it always involves food. I absolutely love to cook for others. I don’t think there is anything that brings me more joy. This releases oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins (from laughing so much).

So for this year, the meals I cook are going to be more healthful. I love veggies, so they will be front and center. You’ll see a lot more veggie dishes from us. For protein, I’ll work more with lean meats and use meat in moderation overall. Lastly in the healthy food department, I don’t actually eat a lot of starchy foods. This is a personal thing, I feel better when I go lightly in that department. I love fries and pasta (wow do I love homemade pasta) and fresh bread, but it’s just not good for me. You do you if that’s something you need in your daily diet.


man reading a book

Read and Learn new things

I usually read a bit every morning. It’s part of my Miracle Morning routine. Usually, I read books to improve my business or personal goals. Sometimes I read for fun, immersing myself in a story so great, I can’t put the book down. Occasionally, I read cookbooks for inspiration. I always get ideas and learn new things. It keeps my mind strong and feeds my natural curiosity. The mindfulness of sitting down to read releases serotonin.


woman celebrating achievement at the top of a hill


Climbing those mountains, whether actual or virtual are a big deal. When we set a goal and achieve it, we feel great! Endorphins and Dopamine run wild in our body. Woo-hoo I did it! I absolutely love to celebrate my accomplishments. Call it a champagne moment, call it the big virtual high-5, I call it a success. I love the way it feels.

So as I embark on the weight loss healthier lifestyle journey I am going to be celebrating each little success. With mini high-5s. I’ll be sharing them throughout the year, a bit in our Sauce Goddess newsletter and also on facebook.

I also have some goals to accomplish with my company. We must grow to stay alive. We can always use your help to do that. I don’t mean just shopping (that’s nice too). What I mean is sharing our newsletter, telling your friends you found us, and why you love what we do. That helps immensely.


Please feel free to email me through our contact page and let me know if you’re joining me on this journey. If you have a particularly difficult food issue, let me know. I can work to come up with a solution for you. Thank you for your support over these past 22 years. We’re really excited about year 23.

Happy 2023 everyone!


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