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Retro Meets Righteous: The ’70s TV Dinner Gets an Upgrade!

Hey there, nostalgia buffs! Who remembers the iconic ’70s TV dinner? That little aluminum tray filled with turkey slices, mashed potatoes, and maybe even that small brownie corner? Ah, the days of the Brady Bunch and dinner on the couch. We loved the convenience, but let’s be honest – they weren’t exactly the epitome of nutrition.

Health-conscious TV Dinner

Fast forward to today, and we’re all a bit more health-conscious. It’s time to give that TV dinner a glow-up! Imagine quinoa and roasted veggies drizzled with olive oil in one compartment. How about some lean grilled chicken or tofu seasoned with herbs in another? And instead of that brownie (as much as we loved it), picture a small portion of avocado chocolate mousse or chia seed pudding. YUM!

Ok but that’s not what we’re doing either. That’s going too far for T Dinner. We’re making a juicy fried chicken with saucy noodles and mixed veggies.

Sustainable TV Dinner

With today’s focus on sustainability, we can for sure ditch the aluminum tray. We’ll serve it up on a large plate (no spillage) and it will look pretty just like the picture of the meal used to look on the packaging back in the day.

Today, we’re all about convenience and health. So, next time you settle down for a Netflix binge, remember: you can have your TV dinner and eat it healthily, too!

I chose to make Fried Chicken (recipe here), Roasted Veggies (with Steakhouse) and Saucy Noodles (gluten-free noodles, parmesan cheese and butter with Sweet Heat spice).

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