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Sizzling Spuds: Potatoes in Foil with Sauce Goddess Spices

The ultimate comfort food hack that’s both easy and insanely tasty – potatoes cooked in a foil pouch jazzed up with Sauce Goddess spices!

Imagine this: Tender, steamy potatoes absorbing all the spicy goodness, sealed in a foil pouch, and then baked or grilled to perfection. It’s like a surprise gift for your taste buds. Every bite? A delightful burst of flavor!

Why cook Veggies in Foil?

The onions caramelize and the potatoes get a bit crunchy. Toss in some peppers, or your favorite veggies for an added crunch and flavor. Mushrooms are tender and juicy cooked this way and so is zucchini.

The best part about using Sauce Goddess spices? You can elevate the humble potato to gourmet status. Just sprinkle the magic over your spuds, wrap them up, and let the oven or grill do the magic.

Bonus Tip for Camping

For a bonus tip, try cooking this way over a campfire. It’s easier than the baked potato and you can literally toss it into the coals to cook. Use heavy-duty foil for this one so it doesn’t tear.

In a nutshell, potatoes + foil + Sauce Goddess spices = heavenly bites. And to all my spud-loving pals, this one’s a game-changer!

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