Recipe courtesy of Steven Raichlin, author of the Barbecue Bible and many more grilling and smoking-centric cookbooks.

“In the sampling of spice rubs and sauces the Sauce Goddess generously sent me were a Jamaican Jerk spice rub and the Red Devil Habanero sauce. I decided to make a spicy rib with a twist. The twist is cooking the ribs in the style of wings. It means I sliced the rack of ribs into individual ribs before cooking. If you would like to learn more about this style of ribs, check out my blog “Ribs Take Wing.

He started by slicing a rack of St Louis cut spareribs into individual ribs. without removing the membrane. Then he applied the Jamaican Jerk spice rub to the individual ribs on all sides. He placed the ribs on a wire rack which makes it easier to move the ribs on and off the grill. For people who don’t like food with too much heat, you can also use Sauce Goddess Sweet Rub.

cutting board with sauces, spices and Barbecue Bible Ribs

He used the Big Green XL for indirect grilling and heated it to 250 degrees with three apple wood chunks to create wood smoke. The ribs cooked for an hour and started to develop a light mahogany color. Then he sprayed the ribs with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and Worcestershire sauce, spraying the ribs every twenty to thirty minutes. The meat was pulled back from the bones, and there was a dark mahogany color to the ribs after about two hours. The cooking time for individual ribs will vary based on the size of the ribs.

ribs wings on grill

Finish the ribs by increasing the temperature to 375 degrees for the last 20 minutes and basting the ribs with the Sweet and Tangy sauce. He heated the sauce first so it was not cold sauce on hot ribs. His total cooking time was about two and a half hours.

rack of BBQ Bible sauced ribs

I tried this recipe just the other day. Fantastic and super delicious to have all that rub on every surface of the rib instead of just the top and bottom, just like wings. Try it out yourself.

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