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Back when I worked in a traditional office, I brought my lunch to work a lot. Mostly sandwiches and leftovers. The term meal prep wasn’t really a thing. I just made extra every now and then ate it for lunch too.

Meal prep can be a huge time-saver for those of us with super busy lives. Yes I still love my leftovers and now I do a it of meal prep by cooking for more than one meal at once. This is one of those recipes.

We’re making all the ingredients for a wonderful ramen soup and placing them in a jar, waiting for the hot liquid. We’ve created 4 lunches at once. Depending on the size of your jars, you may have some remaining for a dinner or 5th lunch. You can absolutely double this recipe and enjoy it for dinner for two too. You can use shrimp instead of chicken. You can use no meat at all, you can very easily (and deliciously) use cubes of tofu. You can make a different version of noodles every day by varying the protein you use.

We start with a bit of prep, lots of diced veggies in here. Then we’re using gluten free ramen noodles made from brown rice. A bit of our Sweet & Spicy cayenne sauce and some seasoned chicken and it’s an amazing lunch.

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