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Sauce Goddess Goes Gluten-Free

For Immediate Release: February 1, 2013
For More Information: Jennifer Reynolds,


Meet the Sauce Goddess and sample her secret recipes for creating delicious meals, gluten-free at the Celiac Awareness Tour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds March 16 and 17, from 9-3 pm.

San Diego, CA – According to the University of Chicago, 1 out of every 133 otherwise healthy adults in the United States has celiac disease – that’s nearly 3 million people.  The segment of the population eating gluten-free products has increased during the past few years.  It now encompasses many millions of people not only those suffering from celiac disease, but a wide range of diseases including: autism, osteoporosis, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Even healthy people are eating gluten-free.

“We have had so many requests to add a gluten-free sauce to our lineup that we launched our Gluten Free Big and Tangy Sauce back in January 2010. Since that time, we have been asked to convert the rest of our sauces and spice rubs to a gluten-free recipe,” stated President and Sauce Goddess, Jennifer Reynolds. Other flavors available throughout Southern California and especially San Diego County include, Sticky Sweet Grill Glaze, Sweet & Spicy Grill Glaze, and Sweet Red Devil Sauce.

The Sauce Goddess is on a mission to help millions of people that are gluten intolerant create delicious and gluten free recipes quickly, easily and affordably. She will be handing out special gluten-free recipe cards at this event and sampling her sauces and rubs with all of San Diego.

Reynolds adds, “Our gluten-free products aren’t only for cooking but snacking as well. We recently added a line of spicy caramel corn that is not only gluten free but nut free as well. It’s a spicy twist on a sweet treat.” Caramel corn flavors include Moroccan Twist, Sweet Heat and Devil’s Bite (a habanero flavor).

ABOUT SAUCE GODDESS GOURMET, LLC: Sauce Goddess Gourmet is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, CA. Sauce Goddess is dedicated to providing all natural sauces, spices and gourmet products that can be used frequently and easily for grilling, dipping, marinating, and creating favorite recipes. Many of Sauce Goddess products are based on secret family recipes. For information, recipe ideas, and ordering visit


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