In this issue, have 10 ways to celebrate Memorial Day this year. At the Sauce Goddess household, most holidays involve food. It’s ok to pretend you’re shocked. Everything we do involves food.

This year is a bit different. Last year was so very different. We made it special any way we could. This year seems to be ramping up to a return to fun and games as usual.

I thought it would be cool to give you some fun ways to celebrate this year. Some of these I “borrowed” from Good Housekeeping Magazine, some are just from my list of fun stuff I like to do.

  1. Shop at a Veteran-owned Business
  2. Sing or listen to Taps.
  3. Hang your Flag outside. Don’t have one, GO buy one, see idea #1.
  4. Watch a Movie about our war heroes. Although not about us against them, a personal favorite is The Civil War by Ken Burns.
  5. If you live in a town with a war memorial, visit. In San Diego we have the USS MIdway and while it’s not an actual memorial, it does tell a great story of our ware heros.
  6. Decorate your house in Red, White and Blue.
  7. Decorate your pet in Red, White and Blue.
  8. Decorate yourself in Red, White and Blue.
  9. Cook with Red (wine and BBQ sauce), White (meat chicken-BBQ it) and Blue (cheese).
  10. Get together and Get Social with your friends! Flash mob dance in your red, white and blue with your pets and friends next to your flag.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.



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