The Photographer and the food

The Photographer and the Food: as I write this, I’ve taken about 20 recipe photos in the past 7 days to increase our presence on Pinterest and for here on our website. I’m tired of styling food. I just want to eat it all.

We have so many amazing recipes and yet I find even my close friends don’t use as a source for what to do with our products.  So the Goddess becomes the Photographer.

I’m just above a novice that loves all things creative. I’m certainly a novice when it comes to food photography. I’ve had those in the “know” tell me the inside scoop about how “real” food photography is actually done. Some melty cheese isn’t even cheese, it’s glue. Shiny-looking food that in reality has fake shiny stuff brushed on.

Now I know it may not be a big deal, but I was thinking if Sauce Goddess is all about real, which we are, why would we want to have fake “produced” food showing off a recipe? Couldn’t we just truly test ourselves to cook the recipe so that it looks amazing. It’s a push for sure because things don’t always turn out as you want them. Crazy lighting techniques are needed so the meat doesn’t look gray.

bowl of almond rice pilaf

Sometimes the result is a beautiful bowl of rice pilaf.

Sometimes it’s a crazy mash-up of rouge tomatoes that try to escape the photoshoot itself. Note the cheesy filling on the white board…

plate of rouge tomatoes

back story

The back scene is sometimes funny looking too. Note the crime scene shower curtain situation in the window. Channeling our inner “Dexter” I think..

We are doing better at taking these photos. Personally, I’ve come a long way since some of my first photos 20 years ago.

We’re always going to keep it real. Because Real Food with Real Ingredients for Real People deserves Real Food in the  Photos.


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