Sweet Heat Grilled Veggies

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Want to know a bit about Why Grilled Veggies are so good for you?

If you want to check out a super easy recipe, read on.

This recipe is courtesy of Averie Sunshine at Averie Cooks. We’re going to keep it short, because frankly this is a super easy recipe. We’re super happy she decided to include it in her Sweet & Spicy Basil Chicken recipe.

Averie says “Making grilled vegetables is a cinch. I don’t know why restaurants charge so much for grilled vegetables when they’re one of the most inexpensive and easiest side dishes you’ll ever make!”

Before the grilling, the veggies are prepped into sizes that will cook in a similar amount of time. Then placed into a grill basket and then seasoned and lubed up with olive oil to prevent sticking in the basket. Then they hit the grill and you only have 15 minutes to wait.

seasoned veggeies veggies on the grill


Perfection can be this easy.

grilled veggies on the plate

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