Latin Heat Chorizo Burger

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What Type of Meat to use for your burger

What are the most popular types of burgers? Beef, yes. And then there is turkey, pork, lamb, and of course Plant-based.

To make things lighter, we’re using ground turkey for this burger. You can use ground chuck or pork if you prefer that flavor. Using turkey as we are in this recipe means you have to take a bit of care if you’re grilling. More on that below.

Do you want a flavor or theme to your meal?

Then there is the flavor to consider. Are you looking for some spice in your burger? Perhaps is BBQ night. That’s another recipe. Maybe you want a little southwest flavor in your burger.

We’re going southwest and creating our own Chorizo Burger. We’ve added our Latin Heat spice blend to the meat and to the veggies that top the burger. It’s full of cumin and oregano flavor along with a good amount of spice from 2 types of chiles, cayenne, and New Mexican Red Chiles. The spice blend is low sodium so you have the option of adding salt if that’s your thing.

How are you cooking the burger?

Grill or skillet/flattop is a question like charcoal or gas for grilling. I usually grill because I like cooking outdoors and I like less dishes. I do love the flavor of charred meat, so sometimes cooking in a pan is amazing because you can generate a really good crust if you have the right pan.

For turkey either is a good option. Turkey doesn’t develop the crust in a pan like beef will, but it is easier to cook that way. In this recipe, I use my tried and true outdoor method of slightly freezing the burger and oiling the outside so it doesn’t stick. Works every time (almost).

Whatever meat you are using make sure the grill or pan is hot when you place the meat. It will help sear the outside and create that crust. And don’t smash the burger after the initial placement.

Top off that burger

This recipe uses fresh vegetables and a good amount of Sauce Goddess Latin Heat to create a delicious topping for the “chorizo” burger. Pile on the avocado and you’re set with maximum burger taste and a few less calories. If you have some avocado remaining, check out this cool tool to save those half-eaten avocados.

Let us know what you think of this recipe after you try it!

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