Breakfast Bread (aka fruit and nut bread)

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Breakfast bread or nut bread is what we call any bread with fruit and nuts. Pumpkin Date Nut Bread is a family favorite. It’s the most moist nut bread. Banana bread, apple spice bread, carrot-cake bread, zuchinni bread.

Some nut bread can get dry. There are a couple of reasons nut breads can be dry.

  • Most often is has to do with too much flour relative to the “wet” ingredients. Flour should be measured by using a spoon to add flour to your measuring cup, not by scooping into a measuring cup from your flour canister. The flour can get packed in and actually be more than what you intend.
  • The second reason nut breads can be too dry is a lack of fat or liquid. In this recipe, we add 2/3 cup of fruit juice. And we’re using a lot of very very thick fruit puree. All of these ingredients will help keep this bread moist.

There are a couple of tools we really like to have on hand. Since this recipe makes 8 mini loaves, then you need mini loaf pans. I also use a hand mixer for this. It’s a lot of ingredients so you have to have a big enough mixing bowl. I have a stand mixer, but the bowl isn’t big enough for all these ingredients.

One last tip. If you are using all-purpose flour (not gluten free) do NOT over mix this batter. The gluten will develop and the bread will be spongy and chewy and drier. This is one of the cool benefits of using gluten-free flour… there is no gluten to develop.


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