Unveiling the Unique: The Essence of Shopping Local and Small

Hey Sauce Lovers,

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the charm of small businesses. At Sauce Goddess, we’re part of the 99% of businesses in the U.S. that fall into the ‘small and mighty’ category (less than 500 employees). With a powerful core team of less than ten, working day in and day out, we bring you flavorful meals and a sense of community.

Small Endeavors, Big Impact

Our mission is simple: create opportunities for people to enjoy healthy meals together. But we’re not navigating this journey solo. We collaborate with other entrepreneurs because, let’s be honest, the success of small businesses often depends on supporting and learning from each other.

From Our Kitchen to Yours

The Sauce Goddess story started with family meals, expanded to friends, and thanks to a local meat shop owner, made its way into the community. We kicked off small, and over the past two decades, we’ve been serving up tasty delights to people across the nation. We proudly stand behind all of our flavorful sauces and spices to enhance your daily cooking. Want to know more? Check out the Sauce Goddess Story.

Empowering Women, One Business at a Time

Did you know Sauce Goddess is a certified Women-owned business? Supporting us means contributing to the financial well-being of women and their employees. It also helps fund business growth, a ripple effect that positively impacts the local community.

Local Flavor, Near You

If you’re wondering where you can find Sauce Goddess near you, wonder no more. 

Visit and support these local retailers in CA:

Cardiff Seaside Market – Cardiff  

Hot Licks – San Diego 

Iowa Meat Farms – San Diego 

Major Market – Escondido & Fallbrook 

San Diego Grill Pros – San Marcos 

Siesel’s Meats Old Fashioned Meats – San Diego 

Stumps Family Market – San Diego 

Valley Farm Markets – La Jolla & Spring Valley  

Visit and support these fine retailers:

Beetz Me! – Princeton, IL 

Cup and Kettle – Leavenworth, WA  

Jungle Jim’s – Fairfield and Eastgate, OH 

Smoke n’ Fire – Overland Park, KS 

Supporting these local retailers means more than just having our fabulous sauce and spices on your table. It’s about sustaining the businesses that add variety to your community.

Consistent Love, Every Season

While the holidays are often seen as the prime time for supporting local businesses, we believe it should be a year-round affair. Because let’s face it, there’s never a wrong time for some saucy goodness.

Here’s to the small, the local, and the distinct. Join us in celebrating businesses that bring a unique flavor to our lives, one sauce at a time.

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