Spice 6 Pack Sampler

Spice 6 Pack Sampler


This spice 6 pack sampler is one full-size shaker of each of our obscenely delicious seasonings. Each one of them is certified gluten-free, kosher and made vegan.

In the set, you will find the following flavors.

  • Moroccan Twist North African spices- 5 oz shaker
  • Spicy Southwest Latin Heat- 4.2 oz shaker
  • Spicy BBQ Sweet Heat- 5.2 oz shaker
  • Super Chunk Steakhouse-6.15 oz shaker
  • Fiery Jamaican Jerk- 5 oz shaker
  • Big Tom’s Turkey Roasting Rub and Brine Spices- 4.9 oz shaker

Plenty of recipes for these spice blends can be found here. Videos for more complicated processes can be found on our youtube channel.


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