Sauce and Spice Duo Deal

Sauce and Spice Duo Deal


This duo of cooking sauces will make your meals easy and delicious. Pick your sauce duo and get 2 tins of spice free.


Our sauce and spice duo features any 2 sauces and get 2 tins of spice free. We’ve partnered together the flavors we think you’ll love.

Sauce Duo #1-Sticky Sweet, Sweet & Tangy sauces along with Moroccan and Steakhouse spice tins.

Sauce Duo #2-Sweet & Spicy, Sweet Red Devil sauce along with BBQ Sweet Heat and Latin Heat spice tins.

Sauce Duo #3-Sweet & Spicy, Sticky Sweet sauce along with Steakhouse and BBQ Sweet Heat spice tins.

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The price of this item includes shipping.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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Gluten Free Certification

Supports Celiac Standards of under 5ppm

Sauce Duo

Sticky Sweet/Sweet & Spicy+BBQ Sweet Heat/Steakhouse tins, Sticky Sweet/Sweet &Tangy+Steakhouse/Moroccan Twist tins, Sweet & Spicy/Sweet Red Devil+Latin Heat/BBQ Sweet Heat tins


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