Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix

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This is not ordinary onion dip. Check out our recipe section for more ideas.

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THIS is everything you ever wanted in an onion dip. Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix is flavorful blend of fennel, thyme, coriander and onion brings a freshness to all of your dips and spreads. Add it to cream cheese as a bagel topper. Mix it with mayonnaise as an aioli to have with roasted vegetables or on sandwiches. And, of course, it is a delectable option to use as a chip dip.

Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix has no junk! No sugar! Fat Free! No additives or flavorings, No MSG, No GMOs, No anti-caking. Kosher. Vegan friendly. Certified Gluten Free.

Mild. No chile peppers. Makes 2-3 batches.

Here’s a link to our fabulous dip with horseradish.

.5 oz mix

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.5 in


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