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San Francisco, CA (January 19, 2018) – Whose BBQ sauce would a cowboy and rooster rather pour over their grilled meat – gooey goodness from a Desperado, Redneck, Big Boi or Sauce Goddess? Tune into A&E’s Texas inspired version of the popular Shark Tank show, Rooster & Butch, to find out. Entrepreneurs turned venture capitalist, Mike “Rooster” McConaughey and Butch Gilliam, test the character and fortitude of small business owners in ways only the Lone Star State can.

Each week the new A&E TV show Rooster and Butch (currently airing on Wednesday nights at 10pm) challenges aspiring entrepreneurs emotionally and physically in West Texas to flush out the strongest character without cracking open a balance sheet. Jennifer Reynolds, the owner of Sauce Goddess Gourmet, found out what that entails when she earned the opportunity to compete against three other barbeque sauce company owners for a shot at life-changing investment.

“Every ambitious entrepreneur is looking to live the American Dream. The four of us were lucky enough to showcase what we can do.” says Reynolds. When asked about the experience she said, “Reality TV is pretty crazy on camera and behind the scenes. I did stuff on that show I never thought I would do in person let alone on national TV. To let go of control like that was tough for me.”

As the longest tenured business owner, Reynolds had the best grasp of industry challenges and boasted the widest ranging product line of all contestants. Finding out there is market opportunity for gluten free, all natural and additive free foods surprised the wrangling investors. After trying out Sauce Goddess on their favorite dishes the duo was sold on the flavor, but was it enough for them to write a check?


ABOUT SAUCE GODDESS GOURMET, LLC:  Sauce Goddess Gourmet is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, CA. Sauce Goddess is dedicated to providing all natural, gluten free sauces, spices and gourmet products that can be used frequently and easily for creating favorite recipes for your family. For information, recipe ideas, personal appearances and ordering visit