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Roasted Corn Chowder with a Twist

A great way to twist up your traditional corn chowder recipe is to add a little Sauce Goddess Moroccan Twist. When the temperature starts to drop there is nothing better than a warm bowl of chowder.

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Corned Beef Made Better

This recipe takes store-bought corned beef and turns it into something really incredible.The fennel and thyme in our Super Chunk spice blend really goes well with corned beef.

For cooking videos featuring Sauce Goddess products, check out our youtube channel.

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Hatch Green Chile Corn Pudding

Get a kick in the corn with this is a spicy twist on a traditional holiday recipe. If you're not sensitive to gluten, use regular flour. It's the same great recipe either way. This is also great for corn bread waffles.

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Sweet and Spicy Grilled Eggplant

If you want to spice up your eggplant dishes this is a great recipe to use, or serve up the eggplant as the main course. Either way this adds great flavor to a versatile veggie.

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You Can Eat Tasty Food on a Diet

For Immediate Release: January 13, 2014
For More Information:  Jennifer Reynolds (619) 990-8684



San Diego, CA – The top New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to lose weight, so diet season is in full swing and taste buds everywhere are longing for the holidays.  Before losing all hope of ever tasting tantalizing meals again take a look at that the top two best diets ranked by U.S. News* – DASH and TLC Diets.  Both of those recommend cooking your own healthy food but cutting back on the gluten and salt, so you change your eating and cooking habits as opposed to depriving yourself of tasty food.  As we at Sauce Goddess know, eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to mean suffering through bland cardboard tasting mini meals.  Our line of healthy sauces and spices not only allow you to add great tasting low calorie flavor to meats and vegetables, but our more zesty flavors have capsaicin in them for an added weight loss bonus.

The staples of most effective diets include fish, chicken and vegetables, but you don’t have deep fry them and dunk in sauce or stick them in a bun slathered in condiments for taste great.  Using Sauce Goddess international spice blends or other similar low salt options to add flavor to food lets you surprise your taste buds while eating healthy.  Sauce Goddess president Jennifer Reynolds says, “I’m always trying new combinations of my sauces, spices and other flavorings to create a variety of healthy and tasty meals.”

Reynolds became the “Sauce Goddess” when she took her father’s much-loved recipe for a smoke free grilling sauce and started Sauce Goddess, LLC.  “Everyone came to my house growing up and they still do because we are always cooking and sampling new recipes. Bottom line is we love to eat and share with EVERYONE!” exclaims Reynolds.  So, if you want to be like the Sauce Goddess and entertain while sticking to your diet spice it up and replace ketchup and that boring steak sauce with a spicy grilling sauce.  Visit for recipes or to purchase products that can spice up your new year’s resolution diet.


Consumers can purchase Sauce Goddess grilling sauces, spice rubs and spicy caramel corn online or in stores. Visit for complete pricing options, gift and recipe ideas. Sauce Goddess products can be purchased online or at local merchants including: Great News, Iowa Meat Farms, Cardiff Seaside Market, Harvest Ranch Market, Bristol Farms, and Hot Licks.


ABOUT SAUCE GODDESS GOURMET, LLC:  Sauce Goddess Gourmet is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, CA. Sauce Goddess is dedicated to providing all natural sauces, spices and gourmet products that can be used easily for grilling, dipping, marinating, and creating favorite recipes.  Many of Sauce Goddess products are based on secret family recipes.  For information and recipe ideas visit


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Roasted Potatoes

Tasty roasted potatoes without the hassle of buying and mixing different spices using Sauce Goddess. Make your life easier and yummier!