Our Story

What is a Sauce Goddess?

Not everyone is familiar with gastronomy deities, so many posers abound. If we were so inclined to add it to the Urban Dictionary for the general public’s edification the definition would read something like: Female deity adored for her tantalizingly piquant seasonings. You wouldn’t know it by enjoying our products, but Sauce Goddess is a small female owned company that turned a passion for cooking into a successful business.  The woman behind the Goddess curtain is a lover of food, spice and bringing people together.  Jennifer Reynolds started the business with two sauces in 2000 out of her kitchen and has grown it into the national gourmet food company it is today.


Creation of the Sauce Goddess

As in many families in this country, the household grill was Keith’s domain and Jennifer’s dad took it very seriously. The Sauce Goddess and her mentor father“You don’t mess around when it comes to grilling a good cut of meat!”  He even created his own bbq sauce with no liquid smoke. When Jennifer was old enough she became the grill apprentice. Carefully instructed on the flavorful nuances of exotic seasonings, peppers and vinegars Jennifer honed her skills over the open flame. As an adult she shared her flare for barbeque by cooking for friends and family who all agreed they would like to bottle her sauces up and take them home.  One day after another successful evening meal served to friends Jennifer decided that’s just what she should do!  And Jennifer was reborn that day as the Sauce Goddess.

From Jennifer’s perspective

From humble beginnings of offering two grill glaze sauces bottled out of my kitchen and sold at local events, we have grown into a family of products (sauces, spices, condiments  and snack foods) being shipped across the world. My goal starting out was to provide a flavorful and unique line of smoke free sauces made with natural ingredients. We have maintained that high level of quality as our product line has expanded over the years. As a small independent company we provide our customers and partners with hands on customer service and quality products made with the best natural ingredients.

Community Involvement

Although the Sauce Goddess is in high demand and travels around the country for most of the year, when she is in the San Diego area Jennifer stays involved with the local community.  When in town you can find her occasionally in a booth at local street fairs on the links with local business women in the EWGA, or supporting athletes at events such as the Amgen Tour of California.  If there is a community event or activity that you think Sauce Goddess would be interested in please contact us with the information.

Giving Back

Nothing makes our hearts warmer than hiring the individuals at the Arc of San Diego to help us build some of our beautiful spice tins and gift packs. By hiring challenged adults to do specialty hand work, we give them a bit of purpose in their everyday lives. They can be proud to have helped make such a nice product even better with their careful skill set. For information on how you can give to the Arc locally or nationally, click here.