Hollywood Cameos

See if you can spy Sauce Goddess BBQ sauces, grill glazes, spice rubs and caramel corn on TV and in the movies. Keep a look out when watching your favorite shows or flicks for appearances by Sauce Goddess products.  Lights, camera, enjoy!

Here are some Sauce Goddess cameos:

  • Sauce Goddess on Local San Diego TV FOX 5 San Diego appearance Monday May 13th, morning show.
  • A set shot from the original TV show 24 with Kiefer Sutherland. I hear he even sports a Sauce Goddess t-shirt from time to time when off camera.

Sauce Goddess in 24 set

 True Blood Munchies



TrueBlood_29Jun14Is that Sweet Red Devil on your neck or vampire remnants?

Sauce Goddess in popular CBS TV Shows

Mike and Molly Cameo (Big and Tangy on the lower shelf)


 More Mike and Molly kitchen appearances for Sauce Goddess. Can you spot them?