Strutting Our Stuff

We LOVE LOVE LOVE to show off. We LOVE to strut our stuff and show you just what everyone thinks about our deliciously different sauces and spice blends. We rocked the world of many caramel corn lovers with our crazy spiced Salted Caramel Corn flavors. Oh yeah and we keep the party going with the fantastic new pepper relish– no pickles, just peppers and onions. Over recent years, we have teamed up to make jerky and some pretty great limited edition items over the recent years.

If you want to have some real fun you can watch some of our older cooking videos on youtube. Get our the caramel corn and prop your feet up and laugh (and maybe get an idea or two).

We LOVE to help you show off in the kitchen. Let us make you the star of your meals. With everything you can do with our delicious gourmet foods as ingredients in recipes, they’re sure to applaud when dinner is done.  Get out there and cook something!