We Want Everyone to “Show Off Your Meat!”

Here at Sauce Goddess we’re grilling fiends! We know there are many soulmates out there and found some when we ran the Show Off Your Meat video contest last summer. In case you missed it here are the highlights.

  • The first place winners took home an Amazing Disc-It Grill!!
  • Red meat was the most popular grilling item prepared slathered, skewered and charred. Chicken, veggies and pork got some love too so check out the Sauce Goddess YouTube channel for the recipes.
  • The top 10 winners got some really cool prizes, so got a few extra for people in case they wanted to look like grilling pros. A limited number of grilling tools and SOYM t-shirts are available in the store.
  • We had some great food celebrities judging our submissions, so see what they have going on in 2017.