Roasted Habanero & Onion Pepper Relish

Roasted Habanero & Onion Pepper Relish


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Bright, fruity, spicy habanero peppers roasted and combined with onions for a wonderfully balanced sweet and very spicy pepper relish. Roasted Habanero & Onion is bold member of our Pepper Relish series, this meeting of flavors will be sure to give your meals that extra kick you’ve been craving!

This Pepper Relish is a great twist to add to classics like burgers, sausages and hot dogs. It’s also delicious mixed in with tuna or chicken salad. Or even inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

Check out our recipe page for some delicious inspiration for meals to pair this mouth watering relish with! Don’t forget to cruise on over to our youtube page for some cooking tricks!

Yes, Roasted Habanero & Onion Pepper Relish is certified gluten free, just like all our our other wonderful products.

1- 9.5 oz jar

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Gluten Free Certification

Supports Celiac Standards of under 5ppm


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