A Year of Sauce Goddess

A Year of Sauce Goddess


This package, A Year of Sauce Goddess, is delivered to your door in 6 delicious shipments. Every 60 days, you will receive a unique box with 3-4 Sauce Goddess  fabulously flavorful foods. Included with this gift is special recipe ideas carefully matched to each shipment. Shipping is included.

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Over the course of a glorious year, you will receive a new deliciously different delivery from Sauce Goddess. We’ll pair together 3-4 products that we think either taste great together or form a fun theme for your meals or entertainment adventures.

Beginning January 2021, you will receive a new shipment every 60 days along with some great recipe ideas to try. These recipes may be completely new to you or a tasty twist on an old timey favorite.

Shipping is included. We’re going to ship each bi-monthly goodie box via USPS.

Pay Upfront Price (listed here) is the way to SAVE.  Interested in spreading things out, you can also set up a recurring payment plan ($35 per shipment) for each of your 6 shipments. Contact us for more information about the recurring payment option.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in

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