Sticky Sweet Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce


Sticky Sweet Brown Sugar Grilling sauce is our mildest sauce. Sweetened with brown sugar, it’s great for baby back ribs!

Sweet & Spicy Cayenne Grilling Sauce


Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Grilling Sauce is our 3 time award winner. It has a really terrific sweet heat flavor that sneaks up on you. Sweetened with brown sugar and spiced with cayenne pepper.

Big & Tangy Black Pepper Sauce


With a tiny kick of spice, it makes a great marinade for tri-tip and the biggest juiciest cheeseburger.

Sweet & Tangy Marinade and Mop Sauce


Sweet & Tangy Marinade and Mop sauce was created for competition BBQ. Now, we use it for stir fry with ginger and sesame oil. It’s perfect for pulled pork!

Sweet Red Devil Habanero Sauce


Sweet Red Devil is our hottest sauce. Spiced up with Red Savina Habanero.

Saucy 6 Pack


With the Saucy 6 Pack, you pick your favorite Sauce Goddess sauces and we fill a 6 pack shipper box. Delicious grilling and dipping sauces for every taste. Our best deal yet.

Sticky Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ sauce – half gal jug


Sticky Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ sauce is our mildest sauce. It has none of that smoky flavor found in most bbq-style sauces. The brown sugar creates a gooey sticky coating on ribs and chicken.

Roasted Jalapeno and Onion Pepper Relish Spread


This burger topping is a perfect blend of spice and roasted veggie flavors. It’s slightly hot with a great roasted jalapeno flavor. It’s a perfect grill companion to top off burgers and sausages.

4 Sauce Sampler


The 4 Sauce Sampler is one jar of each of our delicious grilling and dipping sauces (4 jars total). This makes an excellent gift set for a neighbor or house warming party. All gluten free and super yummy.  Sticky Sweet and Sweet & Spicy, Big & Tangy, and Sweet Red Devil.

Sweet & Spicy Cayenne Grilling sauce-half gallon


Sweet & Spicy Cayenne BBQ sauce is our three-time award winner. It is obscenely delicious on chicken, shrimp, steak, meatloaf and ribs.

Roasted Habanero & Onion Pepper Relish


This is our newest addition to our delicious line of pepper and onion relishes. Bright fruity spicy Habanero gets roasted and combined with onions for a wonderfully sweet and very spicy relish. It’s great on burgers, sausages and hot dogs. It’s also delicious mixed in with tuna or chicken salad or inside a grilled cheese …
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Sale! Scorpion Onion Pepper Relish

Scorpion Pepper and Onion Pepper Relish Spread-CLOSEOUT


Make Sauce Goddess Scorpion Pepper and Onion Burger Topping your go to hot sauce.  Feel the burn of 400 jalapenos!

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