Spice 4 Tin Gift Pack


This gourmet gift box is a full sized tin of each of our fabulous spice rubs, BBQ Sweet Heat, Latin Heat, Moroccan Twist and Super Chunk Steakhouse.


Saucy 6 Pack


With the Saucy 6 Pack, you pick your favorite Sauce Goddess sauces and we fill a 6 pack shipper box. Delicious grilling and dipping sauces for every taste. Our best deal yet.

4 Sauce Sampler


The 4 Sauce Sampler is one jar of each of our delicious grilling and dipping sauces (4 jars total). This makes an excellent gift set for a neighbor or house warming party. All gluten free and super yummy.  Sticky Sweet and Sweet & Spicy, Big & Tangy, and Sweet Red Devil.

Rib Kit


This rib kit is 3 jars of our very best sauces for ribs and our award winning rib rub. This is what our competition BBQ team Sauce Goddess uses in BBQ competitions.

Spicy Food Lover Gift Set


Spicy Food Lover Gift Pack: All kinds of spicy goodness in one set! Enjoy our hottest, spiciest and award-winning products!

Dip Mix 4 Pack


With this Dip Mix 4 pack, we’ve got your party pack right here. This 4 pack gives you one box of each of four dip and spread mixes. And since each box makes 2-3 batches of dip you are ready for a party!

Cook’s Sampler Set


The delicious Cook’s sampler will give the “chef” in your life the perfect pantry to get started with Sauce Goddess. Four of our super versatile and delicious grilling and cooking sauces AND 4 tins of spice blends.

We have dozens of easy to follow recipes to help you create fantastic meals for you and your family.

Gift Certificate

Not sure which deliciously different Sauce Goddess product to gift your loved on? Give the gift of flavor and inspiration to your favorite cook! The Sauce Goddess Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for those who are new to our products or are looking to spice up their meals! Simply select the amount you would …
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Keto Cooking Gift Pack


This Keto Cooking gift pack is a selection of sauces and seasonings are Keto friendly. Everything included has big bold flavors. A little truly does go a long way with our sauces. You can use a little or a lot with the spices and they are all free of any sweetener at all.

Spice 6 Pack Sampler


This spice 6 pack sampler is one full-size shaker of each of our obscenely delicious seasonings. Each one of them is certified gluten-free, kosher and made vegan. In the set, you will find the following flavors. Moroccan Twist North African spices- 5 oz shaker Spicy Southwest Latin Heat- 4.2 oz shaker Spicy BBQ Sweet Heat- …
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Sauce & Spice Subscription Box

$46.00 every 2 months

This Sauce and Spice Subscription Box from Sauce Goddess is a bi-monthly goodie box of gourmet joy for the cook in everyone. You’ll get a package of any four sauces or shakers, or pick one of each. We’ll make it easy to cook with Real Food ingredients from our company to your kitchen! Fill your pantry and create smiles from your friends and family with these goodies.

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Virtual Cooking Class for Kids


Virtual Cooking Class for Kids by Sauce Goddess is designed to ignite that love of cooking in youngsters and show them how to get creative with what they have on hand. We like to make it fun for the whole family! We would like to not only teach your kids but include you as well. …
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