Sweet n’ Spicy Garlic Dip and Spread Mix


This garlic dip has a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. It’s great mixed with sour cream or yogurt. You can make a creamy spicy garlic aioli when mixed with mayonnaise.

Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix


This is not ordinary onion dip. Check out our recipe section for more ideas.

Spicy Mexican Chorizo Dip & Spread Mix


Spicy Mexican Chorizo Dip & Spread Mix was inspired by the complex flavors in spicy Mexican chorizo: cumin, coriander and chili peppers. Use this zesty mix and add a delicious zing to sour cream and cream cheese. Bring the life to the party by using this mix to create your own queso dip with ground …
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Moroccan Dip & Spread Mix


This flavorful combination of allspice and cardamom makes a great fruit dip.

Dip Mix 4 Pack


With this Dip Mix 4 pack, we’ve got your party pack right here. This 4 pack gives you one box of each of four dip and spread mixes. And since each box makes 2-3 batches of dip you are ready for a party!

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