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Jerky 2 Ways

I used to make jerky all the time. It’s easy and a great way to always have a healthy flavorful snack. These 2 recipes can be made with any of our spices. I chose my favorites based on the type of meat used for the jerky. Now you can also skip this recipe entirely and just buy jerky made with our spices and sauces.

Jerky 2 Ways

  1. Make sure you evenly distribute the seasoning throughout the meat. The key is to fill every bite full of flavor.
  2. Shape ground turkey into small patties. Make sure they are very thin and flat in order to cook thoroughly.
  3. Once the meat is completely seasoned you’re ready to dry it out. You can use a dehydrator or the oven for this process.
    Oven Method - Heat oven to it’s lowest temperature of 180 degrees. Place meat on parchment paper or a cookie cooling racks, not touching each other. Cook for 8 hours or until completely dried.
    Dehydrator - Place meat on racks not touching each other. Dry on hi for 8-10 hours or until completely dried.

Prep Time: 30 minutes - Cook Time: 10 hours

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