Our founder, Jennifer began her career not in the food business at all, but in the printing industry. A college education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where the motto is “learn by doing”, ending with a B.S. degree in Printing Management. A career in sales that involved hosting “equipment installation lunches (featuring BBQ) quickly evolved into a personal focus much more on food than digital imaging equipment and chemicals.

As in many families in this country, the household grill was Keith’s domain and Jennifer’s dad took it very seriously. “You don’t mess around when it comes to grilling a good cut of meat!”  He even created his own bbq sauce with no liquid smoke. When Jennifer was old enough she became the grill apprentice. Carefully instructed on the flavorful nuances of basting and marinades, she honed her skills over the open flame. As an adult, she shared her flare for barbeque by cooking for friends and family who all agreed they would like to bottle her sauces up and take them home.  One day after another delicious meal served to friends Jennifer decided that’s just what she should do!  And Jennifer was reborn that day as the Sauce Goddess.

From Jennifer’s perspective

From our beginnings of offering two grill glaze sauces bottled out of my kitchen and given to friends, we have grown into a family of products (sauces, spices, condiments and snack foods) being shipped across the world. My goal starting out was to provide a flavorful and unique line of smoke free sauces made with natural ingredients. We have maintained that high level of quality as our product line has expanded over the years. As a small independent company we provide our customers and partners with hands on customer service and quality products made with the best natural ingredients. Epic flavor. No Junk.

I am very happy to know I made my Dad proud. He always loved working for himself and taught me the skills needed in business too. It’s great that he was able to see my success as an entrepreneur.

Giving Back

Nothing makes our hearts warmer than hiring the individuals at Partnerships with Industry and other organizations like them across the country. They help us build some of our beautiful spice tins, gift packs and dip mixes. By hiring challenged adults to do specialty handwork, we let them use their very special skillset doing something important for us. Nothing is better than a friendly hello and a big wave from one of our partners.

Jennifer lives in Pacific Beach in San Diego CA. When she isn’t cooking or thinking of cooking, she spends her time snow skiing, hiking, gardening with Mom, golfing and of course walking the beach. She teaches cooking segments at Gluten Free shows around the country and has competed in bbq competitions from time to time. Teaching others how to create meals is really a life-long passion come to fruition.