Events and Appearances

Sauce Goddess loves nothing more than sharing the great flavors of our sauces, rubs and snacks at events around the country. Whether it’s sampling in your local grocery story, participating in fun festivals or rolling up our sleeves in a food competition we want to share the tasty experience of our world.

Sauce Goddess samples

When we’re out and about we always have our trusty samples with us and it’s not just chicken slathered in Sweet and Spicy (although that is one of our favorite).  We mix up our rubs with sour cream to make great veggie dips, have shots of straight up sauce to try, and put out some of the zestiest popcorn around.

If you want to find out how to make something you tried at one of our events it is probably listed on our Recipes page. Or, if you have a favorite Sauce Goddess recipe we would love for you to share it.

2018 Planned Events:

January 26-28th:  Zestfest in Irving TX

February 8:  Sauce Goddess Takeover event at Crushed in Pacific Beach (San Diego, CA) to watch Jennifer compete on Rooster and Butch

February 10-11:  Gluten Free Expo in San Diego, CA

March 2-4:  Fiery Food and BBQ Show in Albuquerque, NM

Various Gluten Free Fest Shows (check schedule): and

Sauce Goddess attended these events in 2017 so look for us in 2018:

January 27-29 Zestfest-Irving TX

February 11-12 Gluten Free Expo– San Diego, CA

March 3-5 Fiery Food and BBQ Show– Albuquerque, NM

April 30- Encinitas Street Fair– Encinitas, CA

May 20-21- Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest– Minneapolis, MN

June 24-25-Gluten Free Expo– Glendale, AZ

August 5-6-Portland Hot Sauce Expo, Portland, OR

August 19-20- California Hot Sauce Expo-Anaheim, CA

September 23-24- Texas Hot Sauce Show– Houston, TX

October 7-8- Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire– Fairfield, OH

October 14- Gluten Free Expo– Salt Lake City, UT

October 21-22- Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest-Portland, OR

November 5- Carlsbad Street Faire-Carlsbad, CA

November 18-19- Gluten Free Expo– San Mateo, CA