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Sauce Goddess 2015 Movember Newsletter

This month Sauce Goddess is supporting men’s Movember-Campaign-Support-Icon-Mo-Turquoisehealth by donating a portion of proceeds to the Movember Foundation. Buy some jugs or a rack and we’ll give $5 for each purchased until November 30, 2015.

The nephew of Sauce Goddess is hiking the Appalachian Trail and has been munching on a great jerky recipe along the way. It’s still a great time for tailgating and grilling so give our Beef Short Ribs a try. Recipes and much more info about retailers and events are available in this month’s newsletter.

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September 2015 Sauce Goddess Tailgating Newsletter

Football season has officially kicked off which beer_linemeans it’s not just about grilling, but tailgating! Nothing goes better with your favorite tailgating recipes than a cold local craft beer.

There are now over 100 breweries and counting here in San Diego. The industry is booming all over the country so there are probably some local suds makers in your area. The great thing about all these hops flavors is it changes the taste of different foods. With some beers it brings out the unique spice and others heat. Because we like trying different things the Septedrunk_dunked_chickenmber newsletter has the Drunk Dunked Chicken recipe which allows for a variety of flavors which you can pair with a craft beer of the week.

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August 2015 Grilling Newsletter

School may have started for most, but it still feels like the dog days of summer outside. Who wants to heat up and cook in a hot kitchen? Take your favorite recipes outside to the grill! There are so many things you can cook over an open flame and we’ve shared a couple of our unique recipes in August’s newsletter.

Since this is a great time to experiment and get ready for tailgate season we’ve put all of our spices on sale! Try a new flavor and stock up on old favorites before September 12th. We have some additional great grilling recipes to get the ideas flowing.

Grilled Artichokes with lemon butter

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Ribs That Will Make Everyone Want to Lick Your Fingers

One question comes up more than most when we’re out sampling Sauce Goddess or at cooking competitions, “What is the best way to cook pork ribs?” Many debate whether they should be boiled (faster, but tougher meat) or slow cooked (okay if you’re never going to put them on the grill). Some like them on a smoker while others prefer the grill. We’ll get into all that starting at the meat counter and working our way to the plate.

  • You first have to figure out what kind of a rib you want. There are basically three types of popular cuts – spare ribs, St. Louis cut (rib tips and meaty flap removed from spare ribs), and back ribs (baby back and loin back ribs). In general, spare ribs are long straight bones with less meat and the most flavor, but you have to deal with spare pieces of meat (rib tips). Baby back ribs are the smallest and have the thickest meat, but are the most expensive. Personally we use the St Louis cut.
  • We know you’re anxious to rub, but before you get out the spices remove the membrane from the underside of the ribs. Any competition BBQ pitmaster MUST remove the membrane. However, if cooking at home leaving it in tact is an option. It usually cooks down to a fairly thin delicious bite and keeps a little moisture in the meat. Removing it involves getting your finger tip under part of it and simply peeling off.
  • Rub ‘em good! The purpose of using a rub and working it into the meat is to add
    Rubbed and ready to go!

    spice to the flesh. Don’t just sprinkle. It doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of rub, just be sure to work it into the meat. We use Sauce Goddess BBQ Sweet Heat, which gives them a tiny bit of spice with loads of flavor.

  • Please do NOT boil or slow cook your ribs! Also, don’t place them raw on a hot grill (did that and had 7’ high flames lapping over the kettle grill). Instead place the ribs on a roasting rack in a pan with a bit of beer or water in the bottom. It allows steam to gently cook the meat without a lot of hot dry air. The beer gives it flavor and keeps the meat super moist.
    Peeking bones tell us they’re done.

    Cover loosely with foil and bake at 225 (or smoke with a water pan) for 5-6 hours until the bones barely stick out. If you are using a smoker, you can baste with Sauce Goddess Sweet & Tangy Mop sauce after 4-5 hours.

  • If you want dry ribs you’re done! At this point you can freeze them for a rainy day or dig in. A little sauce on the side is always a good idea.
  • If you prefer saucy ribs, start-up the grill on medium heat and let the slathering begin. Flip and sauce several times while moving them around
    Slathered and ready to eat!

    on the grill to get a slight charred (not burnt), gooey and delicious coating on the outside. We love Sauce Goddess Sticky Sweet. If you want it spicier, go ahead and try Sweet & Spicy or Sweet Red Devil.




If you have any tips, questions or want to share your wild rib stories visit our Facebook page or ask Sauce Goddess directly.

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Grilling Tips to Cook Like a Pro

  1. The most important thing is adjusting for “carry-over cooking” based on the type of food you’re grilling.
    Grilled whole rock fish.

    Any meat, fish in particular, will continue to cook after it is removed from heat. For example, don’t cook fish on the grill through to the center, but instead make sure the middle is still translucent (i.e., raw). By the time you get it to the table the fish will be cooked completely and still be moist.

  1. Always heat your grill completely on high with the lid closed then reduce the heat when you are ready to grill. This will create a more balanced cooking environment.
  1. Separate the grill into areas on and off the flame. Different thickness and types of meat can be cooked at the same time along with vegetables by moving them to different areas of the grilling surface. This is more important with charcoal than gas since coals are less predictable.
  1. Grilling in foil is a great way to cook. Fish is moist and delicious in foil with butter, oil, lemon and spices. You can do the same thing with sliced potatoes. Wrap and crimp the edges creating a sealed pouch and add second layer so minimal liquid leaks out.
  1. Beginning temperature of meat is important. If you like steak cooked rare to medium start with a cold steak, but for those that prefer well done start with meat at room temperature. A light coating of oil helps the steak cook properly on the outside so it’s charred instead of gray. Catch our video on cooking a perfect ribeye.
  1. Marinades should not be too sweet, salty, or acidic.
    Carne asada being prepped for grilling.

    Despite not having great flavor too sweet can burn, salty is just salty and too much acid can actually “cook” the meat without heat.

  1. Don’t cut your meat to confirm it’s cooked. To cut or not to cut is a common debate. Cutting releases the juices and can result in a dry steak (even medium rare). Ideally you press on the meat with your finger or tongs. The amount it resists your pressure tells you how much it’s cooked. Protein hardens as it heats, so a firmer feel equals more done. If you must cut, remove the meat from the grill and wait 5 minutes before slicing. You can always return it to the grill.

If you want to share your experiences or have any questions visit our Facebook page or ask the Sauce Goddess directly.

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May 2015 Sauce Goddess Newsletter

Are you ready for some grilling?! This is a great time of year to cook over an open flame before it gets too hot while everyone is itching to get outside. It’s okay to grill before Memorial Day but we’ll leave it up to you if you want to wear white while doing it.

Check out our May Newsletter to get set-up with new recipes and a rib kit (on sale for $25 thru end of May).


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Take on New Adventures in 2015!

In January we start a new calendar year which means many people make resolutions. One of the more popular promises is to live life to the fullest and at Sauce Goddess we want to help you do that using most of your senses. Try a new dish and share it with us on our Facebook page. If you don’t have any ideas we’ve posted a couple of new tangy recipes to get you started in this month’s newsletter. There are also some good deals in our store, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already seen it in your email.

pork_chops_sage_cream_saucePork chops with sage cream sauce

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Stuff Like Santa

During the holidays we sometimes don’t eat as well as we should, so the Sauce Goddess came up with a couple of tasty treats stuffed into veggie cups. Check them out on the Recipes page or in our latest news flash. Also, we have some great deals on our gift packs but you must order by midnight on December 15 if you want to put them under the tree.


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Leftover Turkey Ideas

Are you tired of reheated turkey and gravy? As a public service we are sharing several new recipes for you to try with that leftover bird. Also, if you are still searching for a unique gift or two then shop at store until Sunday, Dec. 7th and get 15% OFF.


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