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Pulled Pork Pizzas

  1. Stir mayonnaise, picante sauce, salt and pepper in a bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  1. Add olive oil to a heavy bottom pot.
  2. Add pork and warm over medium heat. Sprinkle pork with SAUCE GODDESS LATIN HEAT RUB.
  3. When warm stir in SWEET AND SPICY GRILL GLAZE.
  4. Remove pork from pot and spread on a cookie sheet, place under a pre-heated broiler for 1-2 minutes for sauce to get caramelized.
  5. Remove from broiler allow to cool.
  6. In separate bowls put grated cheese, diced onions, and torn cilantro leaves.
  1. Build a fire on one side of your grill. Use the flame of your choice (I prefer Kingsford charcoal with a sprinkle of Hickory wood).
  2. When coals are hot take one tortilla and spread lightly with sauce. Place second tortilla on top and press together. Sprinkle a few hickory chips on coals just before you place tortillas on grill and toast one side being careful not to burn.
  3. Flip over and sprinkle with pulled pork, onions, and cheese. When toasted move to the side of grill without heat and close the top until cheese is melted. Remove from heat.
  4. Drizzle Sweet and Spicy Grill Glaze over top, and sprinkle with cilantro.

Thanks to Jason for submitting this recipe.

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