I'm a Vegetarian and I don't grill

My favorite is the BBQ Sweet Heat spice. I’m a vegetarian who mostly eats prepared foods. The Sauce Goddess spices make my meals taste great.

Andrea H, Given Spice 4 Tin Gift by a friend
Righting the Ship(ping)

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. You corrected the error in my shipping selection and promptly refunded my credit card. I so appreciate it. Again, I love your products and recommend them to folks all the time. You guys are great.

The Sticky Sweet Kid

I like both the Sweet & Spicy and the Sticky Sweet. But my son (who drinks the Sticky Sweet like water) wants the sticky sweet.

Jeff T.Purchased Sweet & Spicy Grill Glaze, Sticky Sweet Grill Glaze
Tried Products for Free Shipping

When I got to the checkout and saw my order was $35 and shipping was $13, I thought why pay for shipping. We already liked some Sauce Goddess spice rubs, so why not try some other Sauce Goddess products. So we shopped a bit more and got our order shipped for free.

Better Than Scratch

I just received my 5lb. Bag of Sweet Heat rub, I use to make my own rub. Yours is far superior! Thank You for a great product!!!

KentCarson City, NV
Devil's Bite is a Wild Ride

Wow that Devil’s Bite caramel corn is like a wild ride. That’s crazy how hot it gets after you swallow.

BeaFiery Food and BBQ Show 2015
No More Ketchup on Burgers

My family loves the Sweet & Spicy Glaze on our turkey burgers. The kids say it’s way better than ketchup.

Vera H.Purchased Sweet & Spicy Grill Glaze
Better than Emeril's Rustic Rub

That Sweet Heat rub is so awesome. I use it mostly for peel & eat shrimp and recently did a test for beer can chicken. I used Emeril’s Rustic Rub on one half and Sweet Heat on the other. You win hands down. There is NO comparison!!!! I’ve also tried it on salmon & scallops, but shrimp is the best.

Kathy J.Purchased BBQ Sweet Heat Spice Rub
Moroccan Twist on Sauted Carrots

I love the Moroccan Twist spice rub – it is absolutely fantastic. Not only is it delicious on chicken, pork tenderloin etc., but I also add it to sautéed carrots with honey and some orange juice and it is just fabulous.

Sue J.Purchased Moroccan Twist Spice Rub

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