fashion blogger magic insipirationWe know once someone tries Sauce Goddess they’re hooked, but it’s always nice to hear that independent tasters enjoy one or more of our many flavors too. Here are some of the foodies, chefs, bloggers, critics and others take on our products.


  • Deals Among Us – Summer BBQ lover wants to drink our sauces straight up!
  • LA Splash Magazine – Included Sauce Goddess in their recommended gift ideas for Father’s Day!
  • A Midlife Wife – Reviewed our sauces and rubs, so read about her experiences.
  • Colorado’s CW2 – Morning show talked about the healthy aspects of Sauce Goddess rubs and sauces.
  • Erin Lockener (style blogger) – Recommended 4 pack of tins as great gift idea on Pinterest!
  • Two Classy Chics (mom blogger) – Read what these ladies about Sauce Goddess in their sauce and spice rub review.